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4 of the Best MMJ Strains Available in PA for Concentration & Focus

Thanks to pop culture, marijuana has a reputation tied to quintessential movie “stoners,” who are often lazy, uninspired, and unmotivated. If you’re a medical marijuana patient reading this, you probably know that this is often far from the truth. What many movies, books, and television shows get wrong is that they aren’t taking into account or showing how nuanced marijuana is, including how different strains and dosages will produce different effects.

For example, you may know by now that sativa-dominant strains are highly effective when it comes to improving focus and concentration. Many of our patients rely on MMJ to get through their day pain-free or symptom-free, but need a strain that helps keep their energy and focus up. For this reason, we’ve highlighted the three best strains for concentration and focus that are available to Pennsylvania patients.

Chem de la Chem

Search any PA MMJ-related Facebook group, Reddit thread, or review page for this sativa-dominant strain and you’re more than likely to find shining reviews. Chem de la Chem, created by crossbreeding Chemdog, an incredibly potent hybrid containing 19% THC, and i95, another hybrid with 20% THC, promotes relaxation along with focus. With this uplighting strain, you’ll feel a great head high, decreased pain, and experience it’s sweet yet earthy flavors. 

This is a great option for patients suffering from chronic pain who are looking for relief, relaxation, and increased focus. 

Sour Joker

A blend of Amnesia Haze and East Coast Sour Diesel, Sour Joker is a jack-of-all-trades sativa strain. Consuming Sour Joker will make you feel calm yet uplifted, energetic, and happy. Though it’s a sativa, this strain may produce a body buzz akin to an indica, but that’s where the comparison ends.

If you’re looking for something that promotes mental clarity and ramps up motivation, Sour Joker is a great option. Some fans of Sour Joker even claim it helps them get up and move their body! Opt for lower doses to really experience the power of this strain. 

Golden Goat

The only hybrid in our short list of strains that promote concentration and focus, Golden Goat is favored by a large majority of PA cardholders. Containing 19% THC, this strain was created by combining Hawaiian-Romulan with Island Sweet Skunk. With its sweet, sour, and spicy smell, Golden Goat will make you feel euphoric, uplifted, and happy—yet also calm. As a hybrid, you’ll also experience fantastic pain relief and a delightful full-body high. 

If you need to stay focused but want something that will also provide maximum euphoria and pain relief, look no further than Golden Goat. 

Sour Diesel

Also available in Pennsylvania, one of the most popular sativa strains that helps improve concentration and focus is Sour Diesel. Nearly everyone and their mother (you get what we mean) has either heard of or tried this strain at one point in their lives—and for good reason! With 18% THC, the sativa-dominant Sour Diesel is relatively unparalleled when it comes to promoting focus and relaxation. In fact, many users cite it as their saving grace for getting through the work day. 

While this may not be the best smelling or tasting strain on the market, its effects more than make up for it. As a cross between Chemdawg and Super Skunk, Sour Diesel is favored by patients looking to relieve symptoms of depression, stress, and chronic pain. 

There are SO many incredible sativa strains available in Pennsylvania, so there’s no need to panic if any of these are out of stock at your local dispensary. Simply ask an employee for recommendations similar in effect to any one of the strains listed above, and they will be able to guide you towards the next “best” thing!