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The State of Pennsylvania Provides Caregiver Cards in Order for:

  • A Caregiver can transport medication between dispensaries and qualified patients in the State of Pennsylvania.
  • A Caregiver can provide instruction on cooking and dosing.
  • A Caregiver can provide instruction on proper medical equipment usage. 

If you are someone who possesses these skills or wishes to learn these skills to Qualify:

  • You need a reliable vehicle in good working condition.
  • To complete background checks in the state of PA fingerprints are required.
  • Any federal crimes will disqualify you.
  • We Offer Different Pathways to Success and Flexible Hours

The Entry Level Courier

  • Are you a patient who wants to learn to be a Caregiver?
  • Do you live near a dispensary? Local patients need medicine.
  • Do you live in a town far from a dispensary? Drive out, pick up your town’s supply. Go home.

The Merchant

Our Merchants are savvy Caregivers who love the coolest new gadgets. More importantly they know what products work with what gadgets and can provide demonstrations and make productivity based incentives on moving Merchandise. Grow with Greener!

In Home Consultant

This role was inspired by the patients who need special time and care who aren’t within normal means. Opioid disorders, Pain disorders, Mobility issues; Many of these patients require medical preparation and dosing. There is a need for hourly service.

Brand Ambassador

A Brand Ambassador is hourly or salary. If someone doesn’t pick up a delivery and meet a deadline. That’s BA’s problem. BA’s are responsible for building relationships with local venues and filling in the gaps that aren’t filled by other positions.

How are Services billed out?

A Courier will receive a flat rate calculated by volume of deliveries and tips. (WHATS THIS MEAN? Depending on what service is provided, the money provided is by service.)

A Merchant will receive a productivity based incentive on Merchandise sold during deliveries in addition to Courier services and have access to larger patient pools.

In-Home Consultants will receive a special hourly rate as this is a time consuming service and have additional vetting requirements.

Caregiver Availability

We wish to be the preferred partner of the MMJ Industry on all levels. All levels of corporate involvement are encouraged, and we provide schedules that are flexible and task oriented so that anyone who qualifies to participate will have an opportunity.

Services by Need

All of our services are to meet our patients needs and thus regional availability may apply.

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