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DIY Greener Gummies Directions

Step 1. Pour 1oz of MCT oil into shot container. Make sure you run the RSO syringe (not included) under hot water for at least 2 minutes then add to the shot container with the MCT oil. Put in air fryer or oven at 195 degrees Fahrenheit for 1-2 hrs, occasionally mixing with stirrer. Heat until RSO is dissolved.

***CAUTION: the shot container will be very HOT! Use mitts to remove from oven or air fryer.

Step 2. After MCT oil and RSO are heated, UNSCREW lid of bottle with gelatin and put bottle in microwave for 50 seconds. Carefully remove, and put the lid back on. Hold your finger on the cap at top of bottle (so the gelatin does not squirt out!) Shake vigorously. If the gelatin is not completely melted, put in for another 10-15 seconds.


Step 3. Remove lid of bottle with gelatin and add MCT / RSO mixture. Put lid back on. Hold your finger on cap (so the gelatin does not squirt out! ) Shake vigorously for at least 3 minutes to evenly distribute the medicine. IMMEDIATELY proceed to step 4. (Before gelatin solidifies)


Step 4. Pour gelatin into gummy molds. Do not over fill.

Step 5. Place mold on cookie sheet and put in refrigerator for at least 2-4 hours
or refrigerate overnight to solidly gummies and make easier to remove.

Step 6. Remove mold from refrigerator. Sprinkle some sugar over gummies to
coat while still in molds to make them easier to remove.

Step 7. Remove gummies from molds and place in a gallon size zip lock bag
along with the sugar that is provided. Shake the bag vigorously until all
gummies are coated. Save excess sugar to re-apply if needed.

Step 8. Remove gummies from sugar bag and put into new zip lock.
Put new zip lock into child proof bag for best protection.

Step 9. Fill out a label indicating the strain and milligrams of the gummies,
and adhere to bag.

ALL DONE! Enjoy : )

Formula for Strength of Gummies using 1 gram of RSO

To get started, look on the RSO label to find the THC and THCa percentages.
If both are contained in the RSO that you purchased, add them together.

For example, a 60% RSO at 1 gram is 600mg of THC in your RSO. 

Demonstration Numbers

Strength of RSO Syringe45%60%85%
Weight (Amount of RSO)1g1g1g

Using our Greener Gummies mold, you will have no more than 48 gummies. Use the full bottle of gelatin mixture then count the numbers of gummies you made (you may have less than 48 if you over filled the molds).

To find out the strength of the gummies, divide the strength of your RSO, which we just calculated, by the number of gummies you made.

Ex: 600mg divided by 48 gummies is 12.5mg per gummy.

To make gummies half the dosage, only use half of the RSO syringe (1/2 gram) or cut the gummies in half. For double dosage, use two RSO syringes (2 grams).

You can repeat that for finding out the CBD milligrams. Add up all % of CBD listed on the label and again add a zero and divide by the number of gummies