The Greener App can make you a Greener chef—learn the basics of cannabis infusion, how to incorporate cannabis into your favorite recipes, and maybe even discover some new favorites! 

Making your own edibles can save you money and provide better, longer-lasting results from your medication. Our app houses dozens of how-to articles, recipes for every meal of the day (plus snacks and desserts!), and a chat room specifically for patients interested in cooking with cannabis!

Take Control of Your MMJ Journey

The Greener Institute has been working hard behind the scenes! 

For the past year, we’ve listened to you and other patients express their feelings towards the PA Medical Marijuana Program. We noted frustration at high costs and a lack of transparency around sales, requests for information about strains to help with specific conditions, annoyance at effective strains going MIA from dispensaries, and many more. 

We found ourselves wondering what we could do to help alleviate these concerns and help MMJ patients find relief with less stress, time and money spent. Thus, The Greener App was born. 

Optimized for both iOS and Android, our revolutionary app is a must-have download for PA MMJ cardholders looking to save money and time, and increase the effectiveness of medical marijuana. Let us help you medicate successfully, save time and money, and make the most of your medical marijuana card with The Greener App!

For more information, please visit our website or call us at 877-420-6442.