Going Above and Beyond

What is Express Care?

When you certify or renew with The Greener Institute, you’ll gain access to:

What is a Caregiver?

A Caregiver is someone who is above the patient level, but below the Pharmacist or Doctor level who is certified through the state by various means to qualify to perform special tasks.

What are these special tasks?

  • A Caregiver can transport medication between dispensaries and qualified patients in the State of Pennsylvania.
  • A Caregiver can provide instruction on cooking and dosing.
  • A Caregiver can provide instruction on proper medical equipment usage. 

What makes our Caregiver’s special?

Our company’s prime directive is to provide education to patients and caregivers. 
We work closely with Dr. Jeff Katra, a leading MMJ Specialist in The United States, and teaching authority in the field.

Courier Service

Our Caregiver Couriers have the authority to pick up and deliver your medicine straight to your front door!
Only a small fee applies. We’ll let you know if we are servicing your area.

Get your medicine before you get your card!
If you need medicine right away, with other companies, you’re at a loss until you get your card, and get it yourself. With our ExpressCare, we’re ready to deliver your medicine as soon as you’re certified. We offer a FREE  local delivery by a Caregiver during the 15 day period that you may be waiting on your card. 

Click to learn more about our available courier service, Greener Dash

Card Replacements

We will replace your lost card on an annual basis if the unforeseen occurs.

Start your Journey to Recovery after your first phone call.

For Information on getting in contact with YOUR caregiver,
please give us a call at 267-912-1378.

Grow with Greener

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Questions about becoming a Caregiver? 

Contact Dan: Barry@TheGreenerInstitute.com