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MMJ Subsidies Now Available to Qualifying Patients

The Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program has finally launched the highly-anticipated 3rd phase of their financial assistance program.

As you may know, the 3rd phase provides subsidies to help supplement the cost of medical marijuana to qualifying patients.

However, in order to ensure the program runs efficiently, they are currently launching a PILOT of the phase. This means that, for the time being, only a select group of individuals qualify for the subsidies.

Who Currently Qualifies?

Currently, the MMAP Phase 3 Pilot will provide $50 per month only to PA medical marijuana cardholders participating in PACE/PACENET.

As the 3rd phase continues to develop, subsidies will also be provided to MMJ patients who participate in:

  • CHIP
  • SNAP
  • WIC
  • Medicaid

We will continue to provide updates as the 3rd Phase rolls out.

How to Get Your Subsidy

Fortunately, there is no sign-up required to receive the MMAP Phase 3 subsidies. If you qualify, your MMJ ID card will automatically indicate your eligibility when it is scanned at the dispensary point of sale. You will then have the option to use the monthly subsidy towards your purchase.

Similarly, Phase 1 and 2 of the program does not require paperwork of any kind. The $50 fee to the state is simply waived upon initial payment or annual renewal payment under the ‘Make a Payment’ tab in your PA MMJ Account.

When the annual state fee is due, patients who participate in the programs outlined above just need to click the applicable option, type their name and the current date, and the fee will automatically be waived. The state will then verify participant status with the selected program.

Need More Info?

If you would like further information regarding the MMAP Phase 3 Pilot program, please visit the PA MMJ Website or call the MMAP Helpdesk at (833) 605-0628‬.

You can also read more about the Pilot in the PA MMJ Program’s announcement here.